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Click above to get more details on this years beer festival!
We plan to be repeat the Young Hero Award again this year. Check back for details.
As an Area round table, we recently presented Heartlands Hospital with three new ventilators... (click banner for more)
Handover Celebrations - The transfer of Chairmanship from one to another can bring on "the dance"
The AGM - A rare opportunity to get a photo of us in suits

Some Facts

  • We don’t have funny handshakes
  • We don’t roll up our trouser legs
  • You don’t have to be invited to attend
  • We don’t pressure you to join
  • More…



As well as having a good time our aim is to raise money for charities and local needs.

Good Times + Charity Events = Happy Days



We are a social club, we get together every other Tuesday and we have fun.

Come along and join the party