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Young Hero Award

Round Table is primarily a fellowship organisation for young men, but our calling is an ideal way to raise money for local causes and put on events and activities for the local community. Over the years we have established a number of events, one of the first was our annual Family Fun Day in Dorridge Park (August 31st this year); there is our Santa Sleigh at Christmas; and more recently we have introduced a beer festival which is held mid March at the Knowle British Legion every year. With the exception of the beer festival, we always get lots of help from younger people at our events. Whether it is through displays such as the children of StarStruck musical theatre and Learning Curves at our Family Fun Day or practical help setting up events and collecting money with the Santa Sleigh, it is always striking how ready and willing the children are to help. Through our system for donating money to local causes we also get to hear about the great things some of our children are doing. It is with this in mind that Round Table are working with our sister organisation Ladies Circle to introduce an award to the young people in our community.

We wanted to find a way to thank some of these ‘Young Heroes’ in our community that give their time to help others and celebrate the good things that so many young people are doing for the community. With many negative stories about our children in the press this award seemed like a good way to help redress that balance. We also hope that over time this new award will help to inspire more young people to offer a little of their time to the local community. The organiser of the ‘Young Hero’ award said “I look forward to hearing the stories about what the young people are doing for the community and fully expect to be inspired and motivated by what we discover”

We have part funded the Young Hero award through sponsorship and as a result are able to give part of the cash award directly to the young person. We hope this cash award will really mean something to the winners and encourage them to go on helping. The award will also give the young person a great addition to their CV. The awards are for people from the local area and there are two age groups for the awards as below;

Under 12 years – £100 award to the child and £200 towards their cause
12 – 18 years – £200 award to the child and £200 towards their cause
In addition there will also be a number of runners up prizes.

The deadline for submissions is the 14th July anyone interested in nominating someone else or themselves should, with parental permission, go here to apply online. We are forming a panel from members of the community to help decide upon the winners and there will be presentation of the award at Dorridge Day, on Sunday 31st August.

We hope that this award is a great success and is something else we can repeat each year. Good Luck to all entrants!

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