Santa Sleigh 2016

Knowle & Dorridge Santa Sleigh 2016

Knowle & Dorridge Round Table are proud to announce the dates and scheduled routes for the 2016 Santa Float collection. We are sharing this in the hope that the maximum number of children will get to enjoy waving to Santa as he drives past their own front door on his Sleigh!

We have a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with Santa’s movements, since he sometimes has to change his plans at the last moment! Feel free to get in touch with Knowle & Dorridge Round Table if you have any questions about the Santa Float collections, the proceeds of which are used to fund local charities and good causes. If you fancy helping out then please feel free to get in touch too, it’s great fun!

Route schedule for 2016:
Monday 28 November – from 4pm Knowle Lights Switch On Ceremony, Knowle High Street followed by Dorridge Lights Switch On Ceremony, just off Station Road in Dorridge

Tuesday 29 November – Milton Road, Milton Close, Hurst Green Road, Newlands Road, Slater Road, Bentley Farm Close, Packwood Close, Oaktree Close, Redhouse Close, Widney Road (Tile House Green Lane to Bullivents Close), Bulivents Close, Newbold Close.

Wednesday 30 November – Tile House Green Lane (from Willowbank Road to Lady Byron Lane), Browns Lane, Mallender Drive, Westerham Close, Widney Road (up to Widney Close), Moorfield Avenue, Hintons Coppice, Culverley Crescent, Willowbank Road, Montsford Close, Slade Grove, Needhill Close, Pool End Close.

Thursday 1 December – Barcheston Road, Easenhall Close, Hollywell Road, Gilberry Close, Purnells Way, Station Road (St Lawrence Close to Cricket Club roundabout) , St Lawrence Close.

Sunday 4 December – 4pm  Dorridge Road, Brooksby, Grove, Weston Close, Paddock Drive, Blue Lake Road, Knowle Wood Road., Woodcot Drive, Clyde Road, Walcote Green, Gladstone Road, Granville Road, Manor Road (Grange Road to Rodborough Road), Westfield Close, Cawdon Road.

Monday 5 December – Wychwood Avenue, Holland Avenue, Broadfern Road, Langfield Road, Barnbrook Close, Abbots Close, High Trees Road.

Tuesday 6 December – Hanbury Road, Copstone Drive, Poplar Road, Edstone Close, Fennis Close, Station Road (up to Cricket Club Roundabout) Widney Road (up to Mill Lane), Mill Lane (up to Poplar Road), Nuthurst Grove, Clifford Road, Dasset Road.

Wednesday 7 December – Rodborough Road, Rockingham Close, Besbury Close, Nailsworth Road, Earlswood Road (Ettington Close to Four Ashes Road), Ettington Close, Woodchester Road, Kingscote Road.

Thursday 8 December – Mill Lane (Poplar Road to Chadworth Avenue), Winster Avenue, Buckminster Drive, Whitington Grove, Chadworth Avenue, Greytree Crescent, Kingsland Drive, Manton Croft, Barwell Close, Hazeltree Grove, Glendon Way (up to Manor Road).

Sunday 11 December – (1 of 2) – 3pm Althorpe Drive, Charterley Close, Pembridge Road, Boningale Way, Denton Croft, Morville Close, Glendon Way (to Manor Road), Trimley Close, Bramshall Drive, Sidbury Grove, Manor Road (up to Rodborough Road), Brightwell Crescent, Swinford Grove, Hartington Close, Woodstock Crescent, Oakhall Drive, Tansley Close, Shelwick Grove, Elton Croft.

Sunday 11 December – (2 of 2) – 6pm Widney Road (Mill Lane to Tile house Green Lane), Tile house Green Lane (upto Willowbank Road), Hallcroft Way, Everitt Drive, Spiers Way, Trehern Close, Hawkshead Drive, Garden Close, Bridge Meadow Drive, Falkwood Close, Liveridge Close, Elbury Croft, Moregrove Avenue.

Monday 12 December – Purnells Way, Heathfield Close, Hillmorton Close, Starbold Crescent, Woodrow Crescent, Pettyfields Close.

Tuesday 13 December – Forest Road (Dorridge), Avenue Road, Templeton Close, Avenue Close, Spring Coppice Drive, Warren Drive, Grove Road, Middlefield Avenue, Hertford Way, Fletcher Close, Stockton Close, Barton Drive, Hollin Brown Close, Knowle Wood Road, Bushwood Drive, Longford Close, Foxbury Drive, Temple Road.

Wednesday 14 December – Arden Vale Road, Stourton Close, Mockley Wood Road, Whateley Hall Close, Ragley Close, Alveston Grove, Chantrey Heath Crescent, Hampton Road, Beausale Drive, Crabmill Close, Warwick Road (Hampton road to Arden Vale Road).

Thursday 15 December – St John’s Close, Lodge Road, Station Road (Warwick Road to the end of St Lawrence Close), Kenilworth Road, Kixley Lane, Golden End Drive, Milverton Road, Cooks Close.

Friday 16 December – Earlswood Road, Hansell Drive, Wyken Close, Cheedon Close, Debeden Close, Grange Road, Beconsfield Close, Ernsford Close, Haydon Close, Alcott Close, Aspley Grove, Dorridge Croft, Arden Road, Arden Drive.

Sunday 18 December – 4pm Warwick Road (Wychwood Avenue to Lady Byron Lane), Copt Heath Croft, Lightwood Close, Jacobean Lane, Minster Close, Queen Eleanor’s Drive, Blythwood Close, Lady Byron Lane.

Monday 19 December – Longdon Road (upto Copt Heath Drive), Landor Road, Austrey Close, Arrow Close, Ullenhall Road, St Annes Close.

Tuesday 20 December – Longdon Road (Lodge Road to Copt Heath Drive), Lodge Road, Newton Road, Whitacre Road, Blackdown Road, Coptheath Drive, Holbeche Road, Whiteslade Close, Shortlands Close.

Please note that our routes are strictly controlled by Solihull MBC, and have to take place between 6:30pm – 9pm in the evening, and between 3-6pm on Sundays (except for Sunday 11th, where we do an afternoon and an evening collection). We would love to be at everyone’s door at exactly 6:30pm so the kids can all go to bed on time, but obviously that isn’t possible, so please be understanding if your road is towards the end of a
route and the kids will hopefully stay up a little later. We are certain it will be worth the wait!

This year amongst other local causes, we are supporting the Solihull Children’s Special Needs Association who operate from the Green Lane Playgroup. Here is their mission statement:

“To welcome and support all families with special needs pre-school children. The care of each individual child comes first.
   We aim to provide safe, caring, play-based stimulation and fun for every child, each according to their ability and circumstance, whilst also offering
valuable respite care for parents and carers.”  –

This wonderful group do great things with very little funding. They need our help so we’ve setup a just giving page. If you can spare some funds for this great cause or if you miss us on the sleigh runs, please consider donating at:

Thank you and Merry Christmas from

Knowle & Dorridge Round Table

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