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Knowle and Dorridge Round Table 812 was founded in 1963.

Round Table is an organisation run by and for Tablers as a hobby. The only qualifications required for membership are that you are male and aged between 18 and 45. (After 45, members can join 41 Club and there is always Ladies Circle for the ladies)

The main aim of Round Table is to have FUN and build friendships. We are also proud to support local charities via events such as Dorridge Day and Santa’s Sleigh.



The main aim of Round Table is to have FUN.

We do this through a wide range of activities and events that Tablers and their families get involved in.

In recent years these have included:

Disc Golf (pictured), Clay pigeon shooting, Go-karting, Abseiling, Cycling, Sailing, Camping, Treasure Hunts, Surfing, Quizzes, Murder Nights… and many others.

Round Table is also well known for its fund-raising events which often have an emphasis on local help and service within the community. The Christmas Float collection and Dorridge Day are just two of last year’s events, organised by Knowle & Dorridge Round Table, that have been very successful in raising money for charity.

Round Table is nothing to do with King Arthur and we are not Knights (well Ash may argue differently). However, it doesn’t stop us trying to confuse people about it.

Other Benefits

Other Benefits

There are many other reasons for being a member amongst which, it is an ideal way for those who have recently moved into the area to meet people and find new friends.

How to Join

How to Join

Before joining we would like you to come along as a guest on a night or two to see if the group is for you. If you like us then you can join officially.

Guests are always welcome, so if you, a colleague or someone you know would be interested in the challenge of Round Table please contact us here.

Far and Wide

Round Table far and wide

If you want to find out more about other Round Tables in Great Britain and Ireland, visit our National Web site at www.roundtable.org.uk.

You can find more about Tables local to the Midlands at this facebook page

Myths & Facts

What’s the truth about the Round Table movement?

The Myths

  • You have to know a member to be invited
  • It’s a cliquey secretive or religious society with ‘funny’ handshakes
  • You have to be a middle-aged businessman to join
  • There’s a formal meeting and a meal every week
  • My family wouldn’t approve and it’s costly
  • It’s all about fund-raising and business deals

The Facts

  • After attending an event for free, you can ask any member to join
  • You need to be an adult male below the age of 45
  • It’s the diversity of the members and their occupations which makes it so great
  • We have meetings, social events and family/ partner events throughout the year
  • We are a truly neutral, non-religious, non political, non sectarian organisation
  • There is a membership fee which is less than a pint per week
  • It’s a great fortnightly hobby trying new experiences and meeting friends you wouldn’t otherwise meet
  • Always different activities, learning new skills and you can put something back into the community

41 Club

41 Club

41 Club is where the ‘retired’ tablers end up. The Club is very much a group of friends, spanning several generations of Tablers. Currently there are over 70 members on the books and it is not unusual to have over 40 at a meeting.

A typical 41 Club meeting consists of good food, say at The Forest Hotel or somewhere further afield like the Navigation, quite a substantial amount of beer (did someone say Bathams?) and an incredible amount of noisy banter.

A typical 41 club conversation is likely to be the repetition of in my day in Table anecdotes. 41 Clubbers meet up once a month formally, but as the friendships made in Table often last a lifetime, many members will meet regularly for golf, more eating, more drinking and repeating all those old jokes again.

The retirement age from Table used to be 40 but National rules have recently been changed this to 45.

It is now possible for Tablers aged 40 and over to be members of both Table and 41 Club.

As Table has yet to beat 41 Club at cricket, we are always on the look-out for anyone who can swing a bat. Please note however that 41 Club do all of the scoring and are very creative fellows.

The national site for 41 club is here.